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jaded is Aron Atkins (guitar, vocals) and Jason Macierowski (bass, percussion).

On stage, Jaded are a bunch of wankers. They have huge egos and can hardly play their instruments, nevermind write decent songs.

Jaded is currently on hiatus. Both Jason and Aron are hard at work trying to fill this wealth of free time. Aron has been writing songs, creating a web presence, and plans on performing in Harvard Square in the near future. For more information, see his music site. Jason has also been writing songs, appearing at the Java Hut in Worcester, and making valiant efforts to form a band in the Worcester area. Information about his music projects are on his site.


Aron is usually seen with a black Guild JF-30 jumbo acoustic, a Fishman preamp, and a Trace Elliot 100W acoustic amplifier. He sings into whatever mic is available, usually the house PA. The Trace Elliot can be used for vocals, if necessary.

Jason uses a lot of stuff, including a Univox hollow-body bass, a 250W KMD bass amp, a Genesis drum trigger kit with an Alexsis DM-5 brain, an Anthem PA head, and any of a number of nameless guitars.


There is quite a bit of jaded history floating around, but we've forgotten most of it. Let us know if you've had a jaded experience.

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